iPhone 4.1: HDR, Game Center and Ping for Mobile

Apple has officially released iOS 4.1 to iTunes and is ready for download for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch.

Apple has added new features and enhancements to iOS 4.1. As well as fixing bugs and speeding up performance it includes a new HDR photography mode, a new Game Center, allows uploading of HD video over Wi-Fi and has added Ping into the iTunes mobile app.

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Microsoft Exposes a New Kind of Browser Attack.

Internet Explorer Mobile Logo

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Microsoft has released a warning about a new kind of browser-based attack.

The attack mimics genuine pages generated by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and fools users into installing a fake anti-virus software.

Users that visit a compromised website, are presented with a genuine looking pop-up on their web browser, with an bogus alert that their security defences have failed and they need to install the an anti-virus software to contain the virus.

“Google Music” a challenger for iTunes

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Google are about to give us a new gift this Christmas “Google Music”; rumors abound that Apples iTunes will have a credible competitor for the downloading of music.

Consider “Google Music” on Android phones, will certainly keep the pressure on the iPhone

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An anonymous record label has confirmed that Google was in talks with labels and the general feeling was quite positive.

Reports suggest that Google began work in the music space last year with the launch of a music search feature. When users searched Google for any kind of music, among search results would be streaming audio previews and music discovery features from music-centric companies.

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Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 interface

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Microsoft Russia’s press site, on August 25, posted information and a photo that seem to be connected to the coming IE 9 beta. (The site has since pulled their post, but I grabbed the information and screen shot in the nick of time.)

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