Get Far More Satisfied with A Faster Windows OS


Old PCs with earlier Windows programs are probably slower. Yet, this does not mean that you should go on and check the new personal computer models in town.

Although not all people would agree, old personal computer programs are less complicated and very easy to utilize. Their conveniences lie in their own simplicity. Its ordinary for old PCs to be a little bit slow. But hey, if your personal computer is taking more than 15 minutes to boot up and 10 minutes loading basic applications then something is wrong with your PC. Try doing the following speed up Windows tips:

Remove worthless applications

Your personal computer might still be holding programs that havent been used for years. Scan the programs listed in the add/remove programs menu in the control panel. Remove the applications you have not used for some time. This will make your PC faster.

Update drivers

Hardware drivers eat up minor space but they have a say on the speed of your Windows accessories. Many improvement have been done on hardware over time. Surf Internet and find new information about them. This tip always speed up Windows 2000 and ME.

Get rid of starting Windows message

Windows 95 and 98 has this specific starting windows message that delays personal computer booting. Remove feature to speed up Windows 98. Access to C:\ and look for Msdos.sys, right click on it and unmark the read-only option. Access the file in Notepad, access over to text Options in the file. Add: Add BootDelay-0. You may {choose to make your booting|want to change your PC booting speedier by setting add Logo=0 to take away the Windows logo during start-up.

Optimise start menu

Speed up Windows by having quick access to your start menu. Select on Start and select Run. Type Regedit in the bar and hit Enter. Access the Registry editor folder named HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. If you see a MenuShowDelay, double click it and modify the value of data field to 0. This sets your Start program access without any delay.

Do not Turn On active desktop

For Windows 98, select the Display Properties settings and access Web tab. Deselect the option for View my Active Desktop as a Web Page. This very simple tip will have your Windows 98 speeding up in no time. computer bugs

Remote Help to Choose Suitable Microsoft Windows Operating System


Which operating system is right for your computer systems? Is it Windows 7, Vista or XP? Every individual has different requirements. It is easy to choose system software that others are using. Your needs may be very different from the others. Before opting for an operating system you need to ask yourself what are your requirements. Though, it can be a difficult task for you to choose one out of many Windows versions. Windows have shown their excellence and supremacy over the years in terms of popularity. If you are not able to choose appropriate windows for your system then you can take remote help from tech support providers.

Microsoft keeps releasing new versions of its Windows and till date all have been successful in making a place for themselves in the market by grabbing a share of users Microsoft has done a great job on its Windows products. Windows have made everyday task easy and simple. It is user friendly Windows for all users. If looking for speed then you may consider older one from Microsoft. Windows XP is still widely used and is the fastest of all Windows. Most of today’s software is also compatible with XP.

Before making a choice keep the following points in mind:
• See if the new operating system is suitable to your hardware. Some of the components may not work well with Windows XP. All modern components work well with Windows 7.
• Look for the compatibility of your application software and the operating system that you want on your system. Whichever Windows you choose, you should make it sure that it is compatible enough with hardware components and software.

With new versions being released, the need for troubleshooting issues with upgrades does arise very often. Data migration issues come up at times and expert guidance is required to resolve such issues. Remote help for operating system have made it possible for PC users to avail services that can assist in installation of operating systems
 and setting up of user accounts. 
The operating systems for which the troubleshooting and installation services are available include the following product:

• Windows 7
• Microsoft Windows Vista
• Microsoft Windows XP
• Microsoft Windows 2000

Manage the Windows settings with assistance from tech support providers:
It is easy to personalize the settings of the operating system you use with remote services. Issues with installation of windows updates can be rectified through online assistance. When computer booting takes more time than usual or the PC becomes slow, trained professionals can detect the problem for PC repair and performance optimization. They accordingly perform operations on your computers. 

Support services as available to you for the Windows Operating System include: 
• Managing the online PC security.
• Assisting in installation of antispyware and antivirus software applications.
• Handling spyware, malware and virus removal.
• Configuring firewalls to add to the security of PC.
• Providing assistance with computer health and its optimization.

Other benefits you can avail from remote support providers on Microsoft Windows:

• Latest updates on your computer’s Operating system.
• 24×7 help desk support available. 
• Qualified professionals to resolve all your issues related to the operating system.
• Quick and easy access to remote service providers.
• You can get help which is just a phone call away.
• Problems are solved at a very reasonable cost.
• Deletion of unwanted files and cookies that are just waste and consume valuable disk space.
• PC repair and its optimization.

Is Internet Explorer’s Dominance Coming to an End


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Windows applications harbor bugs

Computerworld – Microsoft has known since at least February that dozens of Windows applications, including many of its own, harbor bugs that hackers can exploit to seize control of computers, an academic researcher said Sunday.

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At least 19 of the bugs can be exploited remotely, Taeho Kwon, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California Davis, said in a paper he published in February and presented last month at an international conference.

Kwon added his voice to a growing chorus of researchers who claim that a large number of Windows programs are vulnerable to attack because of the way they load components.
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