What Tablet PC Is Best For You?


Choosing a tablet PC is a complex process. There are an ever growing number of tablet hardware options and different operating systems to choose from. It doesn’t help that reviews and specifications are littered with jargon either.

Here’s some of the questions to ask yourself:

1) Should you choose a laptop of slate PC? Have you thought what you might use a tablet for?
These are all important questions that you need to be clear on before buying a tablet PC to ensure you don’t waste your money.

How and where you want access to your PC will largely dictate what is best for you. A laptop is not as portable as a slate PC as they’re heavier. But, they also offer a wider range of functions, more processing power and are much easier to create content on.

2) If you’ve decided that a tablet computer is right for you where do you go next?
How do you ensure you pick the right size?
A smaller screen 7-inch tablet PC format that fits in a jacket pocket or a 10-inch tablet that gives you a bigger screen so more space to enjoy web content or watch videos.
When will you be using the slate PC?
If you want ultimately flexibility then you’ll want a 3G tablet PC so you can connect to a mobile phone network and get online without worrying about finding a Wi-Fi network. You may be perfectly happy with a Wi-Fi tablet as you’re also going to use the tablet PC at home or when you can find a Wi-Fi hotspot.
How long is the battery life?
If you’re going to be going for long journeys then a decent battery life is an essential so you don’t get stuck on the road without power.

3) How to choose what operating system suits you best.
The operating system is the layer of software that takes the hardware and makes it easier to interact with for the average user. The operating systems on tablet give you different benefits and trade-offs. You may already have heard of iOS on an iPad, Android and Windows, but there are also other operating systems such as WebOS and Blackberry OS.

4) Finally, you need to choose the tablet computer that has the features you want.
There are good and bad tablet PCs available and a wide variety of price. tablet computer reviews exist that will give you a great deal of insight into what are the features, what performance each tablet PC delivers and where you can save some money if you’re prepared to trade-off some features.


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